When in doubt, accessorize.

If you use the code HALLOWEEN , you can get 10% off a purchase. Code expires on 10/31/14 .

Jewelry galore, 2 new necklaces have been added.

Milky Pink & Gold Necklace for $12

Green & Blue Beaded Silver Necklace for $12


Halloween is near!

Decorate with some Halloween spirit!

Last week, I made 2 wreaths, perfect for Halloween.

Black Sparkle Halloween Wreath for just $15

BOO! Halloween Wreath for just $10

If you use the code HALLOWEEN , you can get 10% off a purchase. Code expires on 10/31/14 .

Can it be fixed?

Why is it that no matter how much you organize an area up, it always seems to get messy? Spending hours cleaning, messy in half that time. Makes no sense. 

I can say that this always happens to me after I clean up my area at work. Give it a day or 2 and BAM! unorganized. I want to personalize my area completely and bring things from home to help customize. But before I can tackle this project, I need to tackle the almost impossible task of all. MY ROOM. 

Conclusion is I have way too many things. I don’t even have room for some of the stuff that I even own. So many clothes, so many shoes, so many crafting supplies. Plus, I got my brand new Silhouette Cameo in the mail, where the hell is my new baby going to be placed. Not to mention, I can’t even use it yet since my laptop decided to break, so I have to wait. I do want to get rid of my night table because I barely use it and stuff is continuing to pile on top of it. I want to buy a desk to put where the night table is at and hook up the cameo near it. But first I have to figure out what I’m keeping, shredding or getting rid of. 

Thank god for Poshmark, because I can sell my clothes, accessories and shoes there. 

Thank god for Etsy, because I can make crafty pieces, such as snail mail kits, jewelry, and other customized items for the home, celebrations, etc. 

So the task on hand is that this weekend, my room is the main task. You’ll be surprised at how many things, I actually have. Be forewarned, there was a year where I was at Michael’s every few days buying stuff. This way you have to know, I have lots of stuff. 

Karina Kouture is now open!


As I told you all before, I was going to be open to an etsy shop. 

My shop is filled with customized items to meet your every needs. If I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to create it just for you.

I’ll be adding more items to it as days go by. I’m constantly making new things everyday.