Be adventurous, Be inspired & Be dynamic

With the help of Crest, you can be all three of these.

Be Dynamic with lime spearmint zest. “All the zest of lime, plus a fresh touch of spearmint. Talk about a dynamic duo.”

Be Adventurous with mint chocolate trek. “That’s right. Mint. Chocolate. Toothpaste. Get ready for a deliciously decadent brushing experience.”

Be Inspired with vanilla mint spark. “Vanilla and mont, together at last. It’s a refreshing inspiration to behold.”


Being a BzzAgent, I got the chance to try these out for free. I get to review them. I’m excited to try these new flavored toothpastes, especially the mint chocolate trek. It sounds intriguing yet I’m kinda scared that I won’t like it. Before trying it, I know for a fact that these flavors would be a hit with children.

Be on the look out for the reviews on each of them.


One thought on “Be adventurous, Be inspired & Be dynamic

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