Stuck on a gift?

Gift cards are just a way of saying “I couldn’t find anything to get you but here take the gift card, it was last minute.” It’d be easier to give the money along with a little gift. Or save the money, spend the day with them, take them to the store and tell them to buy what they want. At least you took time out for their special day.

One of my best friends is difficult to shop for. She loves going to the movies, she loves her TV shows and books. More important she loves to cook, after all, she did go to school for culinary arts.

For the past 9 years, we celebrate 3 occasions together. Valentines day, Birthday and Christmas. Every year since we’ve met, we’ve been each other’s valentine, this year I took her out to dinner and made her a scrapbook. I’ve also been supporting her movie addiction and going to Costco and buying movie ticket vouchers. But I stopped last Christmas, because her other friends have been gifting her that and AMC gift cards. I won’t be her enabler anymore. Lol.

This new gift idea came to me while I was shopping at trader joes. It’s a perfect gift and I think it shows that you put some thought into the gift and that you actually put some thought and effort into it.

A gift basket with surrounding a theme. My best friends birthday is coming back and since she likes to cook. I’m going to go to Trader Joes, and purchasing a bunch of cooking supplies, and going to another store and get supplies.

You can find a gift basket anywhere. There’s A.C Moore, Hobby Loppy, JoAnns, the dollar store or any other crafts store. But the plastic wrap as well. And gift it to them.

When I do my gift basket, I’ll be sure to put it up so you can see.

Which one of your friends or family members is hard to shop for? What kind of gift basket would you put together?


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