Brush your teeth with Chocolate!


Today is the moment in all of our lives that we realize that it is possible to brush your teeth with the best thing ever made. CHOCOLATE!!!! 

Now that doesn’t mean go out to your local store, buy chocolate bars and brush your teeth with some Kit Kats. Please don’t. I’m talking about toothpaste. CREST Mint Chocolate Trek to be exact. 

Mint Chocolate Trek

Brushing your teeth just got sweeter.

My initial thoughts were that the toothpaste color is going to be brown and its definitely going to taste like chocolate with hints of mint. 

I was dead wrong about the color, I’m kind of glad though. It has brown specks, other than that, it stays the traditional toothpaste color. Would you have brushed your teeth with brown toothpaste? 

I brushed my teeth with it for yesterday morning, last night and this morning. I think children would love this flavor, if you have kids, consider purchasing this flavor to try it. I personally prefer the lime spearmint zest over this flavor because I won’t get tired of that flavor. Brushing your teeth everyday with this mint chocolate trek, I think you’d get tired with the flavor. I brushed my teeth a full day with it and I’m already tired of the chocolate flavor.

Last night, I sort of hid the other toothpaste and only gave my parents and brother the option of brushing their teeth with the only two flavors I’ve tried so far. 

CURRENT FACT: I have a date tonight, I’ll try the other flavor before I go out. You never know if you’ll kiss on a date. 




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