Reaching family members within the household was easy. Instead of just sitting them down and speaking to them about it, I decided to try something out.

On Friday, I held an experiment, well it was more a hostage like project depending on how you see it. 

One evening, I hid our original Crest toothpaste that we used and left all three toothpastes out on the bathroom sink. I knew for a fact they weren’t going to look in the cabinet behind the mirror. We get lazy in the morning so I knew it would work. I laid them all out, they had no choice but to either be dynamic, be adventurous or be inspired

Sunday rolled in as usual, we woke up brushed our teeth and went to church. It wasn’t until our way back that my mom mentioned that she hated one of the toothpastes. I asked her which one it was and she said the Lime Spearmint Zest. She didn’t like the Mint Chocolate Trek either but what she did tolerate was the Vanilla Mint Spark. 

My brother and father on the other hand didn’t like any. My dad actually went out and purchased another toothpaste.

They eventually found the one I hid later that Sunday when my mom was cleaning the bathroom. 

Moral of this story is, my mom rather be inspired, while my dad and brother rather be normal. 

I like to be adventurous at times, but to be inspired is better than being dynamic. How about you? Click the link to see a previous to find out.  



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