100 Happy Days – 1st & 2nd look

I first heard of this challenge a couple months ago from a snail mail friend. She told me that I should try it but I said that I’d forget and I don’t have time for it. I checked the website out though, and they asked a question that stumped one of my statements. They say on the website, “You don’t have time for this, right?” I can’t even catch up with the monthly challenges. *face palm*

My friend decided to just do it for herself. 

However, the other day, I decided that I have to actually start project life this year. The problem was that I never knew how to start it but the 100 happy days challenge is the best way in my mind. I would love to try it out. Start the challenge with me, I bet it’d be fun. 

You fill out a form and towards the end, they ask you about your motivation to participate, I said “project life and seems interesting”. 

Follow me on instagram as I document my 100 happy days


I will post them on here as well for those with no instagram. 🙂 


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