As a shopaholic, I can tell you I love to shop. I’m also cheap as hell and don’t like to pay excess money on pieces that are not worth as much. That goes for pieces, I won’t be using as much in the first place. I won’t paying $50 for a necklace that I’ll only wear on one occasion. I hope I’m not the only one. I find necklaces that are in the high prices and they don’t even look quality.

So I decided to open up a shop on etsy and sell jewelry pieces for a reasonable prices. I don’t have anything up yet because I want to have a substantial amount of pieces before I put them up.
I believe that the thought of carefully putting the pieces together would be nice. I want to put a nice touch to it. I want to also create custom pieces for people. They can create wonderful gifts.

The name came about when I was at work and I was trying to figure out what to name my shop. It was going to be CreateBrilliantly but I wasn’t sure. Me and my two of my coworkers were coming up with names. One of which has their own shop. Then one of them, the guy, came up with KarinaKouture and it just stuck with me. I like it. It’s different to me and it gives a personal touch because my name is in it. I want all my pieces to come from the heart like I said before. I’ll put my link up once the pieces are up so everyone could see.

❤ Karina
Leave comments and tell me your thoughts.


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